Ruby on Rails Crash Course: Authentication and Authorization

10 Chapters
2 Lessons
Created 02/2021
Last updated 02/2021
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When creating a Web application, you usually have to start with the two key elements:
  • Authentication - User log in, user account management.
  • Authorization - User roles and permissions.
Code-Along and build a Web App MVP covering all aspects of Log-In, User Management, and Role-Management functionality.

Core topics covered:
  • Basic authorization via email (Devise)
  • Social log in via Google
  • Social log in via Facebook
  • Social log in via Twitter
  • Social log in via Github
  • Devise confirmable
  • Devise trackable
  • Devise lockable
  • Devise invitable - Inviting users to join the app via email
  • Banning users
  • Deleting users
  • Editing user profile
  • Managing user roles (admin, teacher, student) without any gems
  • Role-based access to different features (example: only admin can ban a user) without any gems
  • Blocking bot registrations
  • Sending transactional emails in production (Amazon SES)
By the end of the course you will have created a boilerplate, based on which you can build any business application of your dream.
This course can be interesting for Ruby on Rails developers of all levels: for beginners and for veterans.
As a beginner, you will get the whole experience of thinking and building the core lifesystem of any modern Web Application.
As a veteran, you will get acquainted with some exquisite approaches for problem-solving, and features that you could have not encountered in the past.
We are not going to cover the fundamentals of what Ruby and Rails are: there are other, more basic courses for that.
Instead, we will dive straight into coding along and building our application step-by-step, feature-by-feature.
As well all enrolled students will have access to the source code, support materials and discussion groups.

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

10 chapters

1. Hello World. Install Ruby on Rails. Git.
2 lessons
1. Preview of the final application
2. create development environment, install ruby on rails 6, create app
2. Basic styling. Bootstrap. Fontawesome.
0 lessons
3. Advanced User Authentication (log in functionality)
0 lessons
4. Log in with social accounts
0 lessons
5. User Roles and Authorization (without gems!)
0 lessons
6. Styling the app
0 lessons
7. Inviting users via email to join our app
0 lessons
8. Preparing for production
0 lessons
9. PRO FEATURE - Strong params authorization
0 lessons
10. Bonus features, Adjustments and Improvements
0 lessons

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